About us

At Victus/Sports, we develop high quality sports nutrition supplements. And we believe every athlete should be able to benefit from this.

Victus/Sports was founded in 2015, based on a two-part conviction. First, we believe that everyone who is actively involved in sports must have access to the right nutrients to maintain the body in a healthy and effective way. Second, we want to fight the progressive muscle diseases ALS, so that in the future a recovery is possible and everyone who wants to exercise, work-out, throw/kick a ball, shoot some hoops or -you name it- can continue to do so.

Since 2015, we work very closely with one of the leading producers of nutritional supplements in Europe. Result: quality. 

Through our commitment, we now have the unique position to work with, and be an official sponsor of the ALS Foundation. This cooperation is decisive for the implementation of our two-part conviction and makes it possible to fight against ALS.

Everyone at Victus/Sports works believing that you -as our our customer- are our right and reason to exist. So, if you are dissatisfied with something, have questions or comments: please contact us. We’ll respond 7 days a week and do everything within our power to make sure you’re happy.