04 / 03 / 1995


Sport / discipline
CrossFit, running, lifting and yoga

Start carriere 

NK-running 800m and 3000m/ Corporal of the marines and veteran


Who am I? That’s a good question. That specific question has been on my mind since I can remember. It started when I was quite small and still in primary school. I didn’t have much passion for school and learning was not one of my strongest sides. I found it very difficult to concentrate in day to day classes. Sitting still all day was something that I just not felt comfortable in. On the other hand and not so surprisingly, I did have an eye for the sports lessons and after school I did a lot of sport. I wanted to practice as many sports as possible but my parents only let me do two. Which, at the time, I found very unfortunate, because I have been motivated into playing so many sports.

My entire primary and secondary school life I have played Rugby and Athletics. I could put all my energy into sports which I couldn’t use at school. That was so much better for me as a person and everyone around me. Eventually my passion and energy grew to an Athletic level, I competed in many runs and competitions. Of which were for the Netherlands championships. Twelve years later, you’ll never guess, school still wasn’t my cup of tea. I didn’t know what to do until my eye fell on the Royal Dutch Marine Corps. I gave up Rugby and Athletics. At that moment I was 17 and a half and old enough to take that opportunity, I did. I am competitive minded and once I’ve set my sights on something I go for it 100%. This also applies to the heavy training of the Marine Corps. Due to my sports background I already knew what my physical state and pain threshold was capable of. But it was my mindset that ensured that I persisted during many marches, runs and little sleep. Six months and a tough 30 weeks later I could call myself a Marine.

The following years were a roller-coaster from Arctic to mountain and desert training. The fun for me was in the physical and mental challenge and during these exercises. You will be trained on technical skills but you will also be pushed to the limit of your body’s capabilities. For example during a mountain training where you walk up to 1400 vertical meters and 20 km on a day with 40 kg + in a backpack. Not only the heavy backpack ensured a hard walk, but also the extreme terrains and weather conditions did their part too. There is only one goal and that is to achieve your mission regardless of the weather, the many kilometers or the situation of the mission. From experience, the mission is always achievable. How deep can you go, that’s the question.

In 2015, I participated in a counter piracy mission in Somalia with a team of 12 top colleagues. There I noticed that being fit and mentally resilient ensures that you can be ready and sharp every day to do what I was trained for at any time of the day. In addition to these beautiful missions and exercises, I still have the drive to push myself at work and after work. Many years later I am still proudly working at the Royal Dutch Marine Corps. At work, I often run into that limit to get the most out of myself. After work, I find peace, challenge and fun in CrossFit, running, strength sports and sometimes Yoga. In this way I ensure that I stay mentally and physically fit. I love to constantly want to be the best version of myself, and if goals are achieved in that way, that is of course a little bonus.