16 / 10 / 1993


Sport / discipline
Hockey & fitness

Start carriere 


  • Played at high national level for years
  • Opened first own Physiotherapy clinic


As a kid my father always challenged me in sports: Soccer, running, tennis, sailing. Whatever he shot at me, I had to take it. At the age of 12, after a disappointing short carrier in soccer, I started to play field hockey. Very soon it came out I was a talented player, and I devoted my young years to it. As I grow being a field hockey player, my interest in the human physic started to grow as well. How come some people get injured and others not, and why are there so much differences in strength and mobility? And how can I assistant someone in becoming the best version of himself?

At the age of 19 I started to study physiotherapy; in the hope I would get answers to all the questions I had. I learned a lot and created a bunch of new questions along the way. My interest in supporting athletes grew day by day, and next to my study I signed up to accompany my old hockey team as a physical mentor: by treating injuries and challenge the team in condition and strength my purpose was to make the team as powerful as they could be. In this I saw future, and years later I opened my own practice, I which I’m offering athletes, but also not sportive people my help in becoming the best version of themselves.

For me, practicing sports means being healthy. To be able to challenge yourself in pushing your limits and become stronger, you need to be healthy, physically and mentally. The other way around, practicing sports means actively enlarging your health. As a sporter I love the feeling of pushing my limits; the sweat and pain means growth and gives me feeling of being as alive as I can be. Beside field hockey I find this in fitness. As a therapist I get all my inspiration and energy in seeing people move, especially people for whom this cannot be taken for granted. Injuries, syndromes, fear, all aspects that can make moving hard. To be able to help people overcome those aspects and move despite their defect makes my job the best job in the world.

Some years ago, my father suffered a stroke, which disabled him. To see him struggle with the smallest actions in life, like putting on a jacket, makes me feel sad. But his daily energy to overcome his disability and become the best version possible, inspires beyond limits. For me this is the definition of growth, and this is what I grant everyone in life.

For me the partnership with Victus increases the ability to provide health for people. As a sporter I love all the products, and as a therapist I find recovery a very important part of training, and Victus provides a situation to do so.

I am looking forward to challenge you to push your limits and become the best version of yourself!