15 / 10 / 1997


Sport / discipline

Start carriere 

HC Kampong / Nederlands Elftal

Goud EK Valencia Jong Oranje, Goud Champions Trophy Changzhou Ned XI, zilver EK indoor Praag Ned XI indoor, beste hoofdklasse speelster indoor, topscoorder hoofdklasse indoor


You all remember that one question you got when being little kid; What do you want to become when you grow up? With every family occasion or filling in the friendship book of your best friend, you were asked to think for a second about that one dream. For me it was always clear, I wanted to become a player of the Dutch national hockey team.  Now several years later I played my first matches in the orange shirt after debuting at the Champions Trophy, but more important, I’ve learned more about myself in all these years trying to reach this goal than I could ever imagine.

I started playing when I was a little girl of 5 years old with my mom as coach of the youngest group at my first club, Tilburg. Biking towards the club and having fun with my friends, quickly transitioned into traveling by train and playing for the win. In my path so far, lots of highs interchanged with lows. Injuries occurred, but also several times I was thought not to be good enough. Although I never know how things will go in the future, the most important thing I learned about myself is that I’m resilient, and no matter what challenges or disappointments cross my path, I will embrace them and see them as a lesson for life and a possibility to grow.

My ambitions do not only reach the hockey pitch. In September I started my Master Nutrition and Health and contributing to human health has always been my interest. To combine sport at the highest level with university is a challenge and asks for a lot of discipline and dedication. However, more than that It requires enjoying the good and bad moments of both. I enjoy to put energy in developing myself physically during another tough strength or conditioning training but also look for balance during a yoga practice. For me being the best player I can be also means I need to invest in being the best person I can be. The energy I get out of developing myself, living a healthy life and trying to get the best out of myself keeps me motivated in reaching my goals.